Modern Day Scarlett – Grit, Glamour & God

Dallas Teague Snider

Hey Y'all.

Thanks for stopping by. Did you know you can be a Southern Belle at heart? As I have traveled around the globe, I have learned that the southern way is not just for southerners. In fact, I met someone at the Dead Sea in February that certainly displayed great southern charm yet Israel is a far cry from the deep south. As #Mrs Petite America 2016, I have a vision to change the world- one laugh, one smile and one heart at a time.

As a storyteller, dreamer, columnist, speaker and tv host, my goal is to offer you a funny and authentic view into one southern belle's perspective. I used to fight the label of being girly, now I embrace it. I have decided it is quite ok to be a powerful, sensitive and loving person and still wear pearls.

Join me through my musings to include thoughts on lifestyle, fashion, travel and whatever seems to past through this very complicated and very colorful mind.

As a tourism and destination marketing professional, I will share my feedback on what I think about a particular destination, the feel, the experience and "southern" charms that can be found anywhere. Southern hospitality includes a welcoming feeling, good food, unique entertainment and history, beautiful surrounds and the ability to savor the experience. The question to ask, " Did this experience enhance my life?" If so, this might quality for a truly southern experience.

So sit back and stay a while. Send me a note. Invite me to visit your destination and I will be sure to offer my authentic and professional opinion. I am hard to please and easy to please. Being southern is about being gracious under any circumstance.

If you want to learn about my speaking and coaching ministry site at #Think Love First is our global human rights initiative that was inspired to combat the darkness in today's world. Today we can do our part to Think Love First so join us at

Have a fantastic day!


Welcome, we’re glad you’re here to share tales of today’s southern belle from an authentic southern perspective.  Sit back, laugh a while. Share with your friends and with your help we all can embrace our inner southern belle just waiting to be discovered.

Love Y’all!