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Rev. Dallas Teague Snider Ordained with the Alliance of Divine Love

Mrs. Petite America 2016-17, Rev. Dallas Teague Snider, was recently ordained with the Alliance of Divine Love in her quest to continue her international mission #ThinkLoveFirst.  Her chapel designation is the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Alliance of Divine Love. Dallas was named the Annual Convention Chairperson and will be leading the efforts for the annual convention next…

Southernness Can Exist Anywhere…I Am on a Quest to Discover It!

· Modern Day Scarlett On a Quest ·

Ok Y’all. It’s up and running. – When the Pearls Come Off and Real Life Begins. As a tourism and travel industry professional, I will begin to share my experiences with you on my blog as I travel to places around the globe. Whether in town, around the country or around the globe, southernness…

Dallas Launches Modern Day Scarlett – A Southern Lifestyle and Travel Blog

Dallas was named Mrs. Petite America 2016 in August 2016.  As Mrs. Alabama Petite America 2016, she entered the pageant with new her global human rights platform #ThinkLoveFirst.  This blog will be the place where you can see the good, the quirky and the down right the funny. Watch the crowning debacle and how a #Modern…