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Delta’s Self Appointed Passenger Row Ambassador

March 8, 2017 Comments Off on Delta’s Self Appointed Passenger Row Ambassador

So I was flying home last night for a weekend meeting and a much needed visit with a dear friend, when I was seated in the exit row. I was the first to be seated and when the other two passengers arrived I stood up and welcomed them to our row. I love doing this… first because it’s unexpected and second because it’s just who I am- a #moderndayscarlett.

Since both were very tall capable men, I felt it only fair I ask if they would be willing to assist and do their part in case of an emergency. The passenger to the immediate left of me (who was an international traveler), joked back and said absolutely not. When he saw that I wasn’t rattled and still smiling, it was understood that this leg would not be the typical coach airplane experience.

When the airline attendant arrived to ask us if we were aware we were in an exit row and willing to assist, the passenger to the left of me promptly said, “Not to worry, she’ll handle it. It’s her responsibility.”  I assured the Delta representative that I would be willing to hurl my entire body weight through the door. With a smile and an inferred thumbs up, we were good to go.  As my row buddy upbeat tunes  spilled out through is head phones, I was listening to some mediation music just to center myself from the long day of travel, traffic and chaotic energy. It is evident we were in two different places, yet at the same place at the same time.

Anyway, when we were deplaning requested some assistance with my bag that was covered up. When they asked what it looked like, I replied “the less black one.” You see, mine is leopard print and all the others were black- go figure. I could hear my row mates chuckle and proceeded to tell them to be sure to think of me whenever they need a giggle. They smiled and assured me they would.

Even though I did not get their names, I was able to shine a little light last night, provoke a few laughs and they will never forget their ride into Birmingham.

I am sure one day when they see a photo of me or see my face on television, they will pause and think, “that lady reminds me of someone on my flight to Birmingham.” Little did they know I am currently Mrs. Petite America. I am guessing queens can be funny as well, right?

I was very tired and really ready to get home. My flight had already been delayed and I guess my wit and humor was at an all time high- unplugged. I have been told that I am pretty funny- I am beginning to think that might be true.

Anyway, sending you a big (yet appropriate) hug!

Much love,