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#MrsPetiteAmerica, Dallas Teague Snider is Modern Day Scarlett

November 14, 2016 Comments Off on #MrsPetiteAmerica, Dallas Teague Snider is Modern Day Scarlett




The #PetiteAmericaPageants are designed to not only celebrate the amazing women making a difference with their platforms, but also champion supporting our troops and breast cancer awareness.  This is definitely in line with a Modern Day Scarlett who loves her country and cares for her fellow man.

This week we have seen that our country is in need of great healing on all sides. Many have felt forgotten while others have forgotten that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. This is an opportunity for us to stand together as Americans, face the fear that causes us to point fingers at one another and take responsibility for what we are doing as part of the collective dialogue. We are responsible for our own response to any situation.

We can either speak life or death. We can either move a situation forward in a spirit of Love or destroy what many have given their greatest sacrifice.  Yes!  Your voice matters and so does your neighbors. Could you imagine on the battlefield if someone was left behind because of their political, religious or social views?

During the Birmingham  Veterans Parade someone yelled out, “Who did you vote for?”  I replied, “I voted for America. God Bless America.”

We are Americans. It’s time we start acting like Americans. It’s time for unity and respect for all.

It’s time we choose to #ThinkLoveFirst and move forward together in unity, respect and honor for all human beings. Join the movement at




Much love to you and your family!