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My Brush With An Angel

November 18, 2016 Comments Off on My Brush With An Angel


Something hit me today after spending some time connecting heart to heart. During a endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy surgery in Miami 2001, in the recovery room, a man came in saying he was my anesthesiologist, but looked at me and said, “You are going to be ok. You know what I mean? You know who I am.”

Anyway, I was not breathing well at all and ended up having a collapsed lung struggling to breathe. Tad (my husband today) was with me and that was the situation that made me see him as someone I could marry.

Anyway, he was south american or some other hispanic or Spanish decent, it just seemed like an odd thing to say when I was struggling to breathe.

-I believe now it could have been an angel sent to tell me that I was going to be ok. That is the only thing that makes any sense. The conversation was so strange and out of context, yet I did have a peace and calm through the entire life threatening situation that followed.

-My life was truly in jeopardy after they discharged me.

I find it interesting that situation happened, brought Tad and I closer and yet my hands can still drip water at times. Could this be a healing gift of energy from God?  I was at an event years later and we looked at one another in the eyes (with windows of the soul) and my hands dripped as if they were crying.  I though this odd since I had this surgery to stop this sort of thing from happening. At least, that is what I thought I was doing. God had other plans.  😉

This was definite a message from the Divine. It was not related to the seen but the future unseen world.

Blessings are all around you, even in the midst of the storm.

Much love,

Rev. Dallas