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Never Second Guess an Angel in Pearls

March 17, 2017 Comments Off on Never Second Guess an Angel in Pearls

Hum… have you ever misjudged a book by it’s cover? Well, I know that with the name above all names, the enemies of the light cannot stand. Although I don’t elect to start a battle, I will do what is necessary to stand in the name of light and love. With the Kingdom of Heaven and the legions of angels on my side, if I have to go to battle (which I do from time to time) I feel confident whether in pearls or not, this earthy vessel cannot be deterred.

Who says today’s warrior has to be dressed in camouflage? Although many warriors do have official  uniforms, the spiritual warriors of today look like you and me. We come in all shapes and sizes. We all look different, but in the Spirit we are giants of Light!

So for all you naysayers out there. Love still wins. Love is the same yesterday, today and forever. Love is… God is… It’s about unity with God and oneness with all.

Don’t lose hope for humanity! #ThinkLoveFirst and rediscover how much God loves you. When you do, it will be impossible for you to not love God, yourself or your neighbor. You will be compelled to be the light you were born to be.