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Oh My Goodness… Our Candidates Need to Mind Their Manners!

October 10, 2016 Comments Off on Oh My Goodness… Our Candidates Need to Mind Their Manners!

Wow!  I am so disheartened by the lack of civility we are seeing today. Yes, it’s a down right shame.  Talking over one another, not following orderly debate protocol and just being rude.  Regardless of your political stance, we are all Americans and should be talking about how we can build a country where everyone does their part, tells the truth and can agree to disagree.

As a #ModernDayScarlett, I definitely prefer to have others see it my way, but the truth is that we need to be able to see with a eagle’s perspective and focus on the greater good for all. It is when we have a common goal to lift up everyone that we prosper.

Now, no one has asked me to run for office quite yet. But when integrity, grit and servanthood become in vogue again, perhaps they will?  It is only when we are not concerned about being a career politician that we can lead without being beholden to special interests. The truth is that what matters to the people should matter to the people they elect. The common word here is people!

You must educate yourself and make a conscious choice. Our vote is a precious gift. Don’t waste it. Even if you are not pleased with either choice, it is up to us to change that going forward.

Sending you love and a swift kick in the fanny if needed!  You can accept one or both. Your choice!


Just another thought to ponder…

Grits, Glamour  & God