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When Wildlife Goes from Cute to Destructive- The Raccoon Seige Begins

November 23, 2016 Comments Off on When Wildlife Goes from Cute to Destructive- The Raccoon Seige Begins

icoWell, my preference is to allow all creatures to live and enjoy their life to the fullest. I love to wake up in the morning to the call of the birds that reside outside our bedroom windows. The two hawks that soar in and out of the nest they built-in a large tree on the side of our house makes me feel connected to creation in the midst of a city.

A few months ago we were startled in the middle of the night from a loud crashing sound.  When we got up and turned on the lights, we saw him.  Suddenly it was time for the stand-off stare down to begin between my husband and this very large raccoon now busted.  Over the past few months we have blamed the wind, even considered one of the dogs might have knocked over the food. Now the jig was up – that myth was busted, cold busted face to face. My husband and the bandit connected eye to eye.  The raccoon decided he was too big to take on and scurried along his way.

After that encounter we made a point to bring the food inside every night.  As time pasts we thought we could once again try to leave it outside – it was very heavy and quite frankly just a pain in the fanny to do this every night.  After a few days each time, the raccoon would return. It was as if he was waiting us out counting on the notion that we would give up in time. Over and over again, when we forgot to bring the food  inside the raccoon was on the case.  Finally, we realized we just had to bring it in period. Raccoons are very smart and we were losing patience. In essence, the raccoon had won.

It has been weeks, perhaps months without and problem. The raccoon trained us well.  That all changed this morning when we noticed a large area in the middle of our back yard that seems to be pulled up at the roots.  Since our dog is now 15 and doesn’t have energy other than to sleep, we knew this was something that she didn’t do. It would exert too much energy. Not to mentioned, this is the area Belle hangs out in during the day so why would she mess up her own sanctuary?

Thanks to YouTube we were able to quickly access that the damage was made by our returning bandit. Anyway, this certainly wasn’t what we expected to find this morning.   We are definitely going to try the natural non lethal way to repelled our bandit from returning.  I am grateful for those that shared their wisdom on how to address this issue. I know Belle (my dog) is happy she won’t have to take the fall.

My final thought: creation and nature is amazing, but when they get destructive there is often a safe and reasonable way to send them on their way. I will keep you posted on how this all works out.

What a morning!



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